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Backup Pilot

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Automated data backup and recovery for SME businesses

Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007

Flexible, cost effective and totally automatic - BackupPilot Plus is the ideal solution for medium sized businesses while BackupPilot Lite has been designed to be the perfect device for smaller organisations. Both enable replacement of tapes and other less reliable media. Backup can be undertaken by local in-house units, or be selectively sent offsite to units sited at branch offices, or remote datacentres.

The BackupPilot Plus comes equipped with 1TByte of disk storage as standard. This can be increased at a later date using the removable caddy system.

The BackupPilot Lite comes equipped with 500Gbytes of disk storage as standard. Multiple units can be deployed to cost effectively increase capacity and resilience.

Backup Pilots enhanced technology utilises both local and remote storage elements, compared to simple 'remote backup' products and services which only have one element - remote central storage. This is often accessed by slow speed WAN connectivity - making transmission of backups and restores slow and costly.

Tape systems are vulnerable as they only backup to local media. Old technology remote backup systems have no local storage component. Only BackupPilot has flexible and secure combinations of both local and remote secure storage. Businesses have total flexibility to decide where their data is held - and keep costs strictly under their control.

It is also important to understand that competitive remote backup solutions require you to add not only extra software to all your servers and PCs and pay for the privilege, but also impact the performance of your servers. Extra memory and significant amounts of spare disk capacity are also required. Additionally, if a server goes down or the broadband fails, no backup process is unable to occur at all.

Further, such systems are limited by having no local component and purely dependent on the available bandwidth and access time available to the broadband service. With BackupPilot this is not the case. Backup and restores can still take place locally until broadband connectivity is restored. Equiinet's product also has no reliance on any one particular server or PC being operational. BackupPilot has none of the implicit drawbacks of purely remote backup solutions.