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Home and Business CCTV Installations, External Cameras, IP Cameras, Covert Cameras. Access your Cameras remoteley via your PC, Laptop or Mobile phone. Free Quotation on a CCTV system to suit your needs.

We use Alien DVR's

It has all the features you would expect from the alienDVR range including access from mobile phones, PTZ control and H.264 compression. It can be used as a standalone video surveillance product or as part of a powerful surveillance network making it perfect for home or small business applications.

The AlienHero can record on all channels a 25 fps @ CIF, 2CIF or 4CIF and you can view the output in high quality using the HDMI output.

The RS232 can be used in conjunction with the Kontrol and Kommand relay box (REL008) to open and close relays for many different devices including the Voiceoff unit.

The resolution of the VGA output is from 1024 x 768 to 1920 x 1080 and can simultaneously output to VGA and CVBS. You can view live, multiple cameras; adjusting the order of the cameras to suit your needs. You can, in live view, select group switch; manual switch and automatic cycle modes. There are option for privacy masking and with Multiple PTZ protocols gives you control of your favourite PTZ cameras.

When recording, you can set the DVR to cycle or non cycle recording mode. There are multiple recording types available, these include: manual, normal, alarm, motion, motion or alarm, and motion and alarm recording. For each day of the week you can set up up to 8 separate time periods to record using the different recording types above.

Backing up your recordings can be done via USB. You can save a video clip from the playback screen or back up a file from the video export function.

The alarm types supported include alarms for video loss, motion detection, video tempering, video in/out format unmatched, illegal access, network disconnection, IP conflict, hard disk error and hard disk full. With various alarm handling methods such as pop-up alarm image on monitor, audible warning, notify surveillance centre, trigger alarm output, send Email, etc. The AlienHERO gives you the flexibility to suit the many CCTV installation you will come across.

You can control your AlienHERO via a mouse, IR control, keyboard (PTZ790) or the client software (CCTVWindow) supplied free with your DVR. The AlienHERO is fully networkable and can be accessed from PC software or the special mobile Apps over a LAN or via the Internet.

With various different cameras including
External and internal IR dome and bullet cameras and standard Internal colour cameras

NIght Devil Dome, Covert and Housed with heated case cameras and standard Internal colour cameras

Covert Cameras

For any enquiries regarding the back up service including quotes and monthly costs, please email: