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Data Recovery

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At AGS Technology Ltd we can recover your data should your computer crash and fail to boot up into the operating system. Data includes all your documents, financial data and photo's etc. We can then reformat your hard drive and reinstall your operating systems.

We can link your hard drive to one of our servers copy all of your data across and then back it up onto 1 or more DVD Discs if you do not have a DVD Rom installed on your machine we can backup your data to several CD-R's.

Once we have copied and backed your data we can reinstall your operating system and any programs you have the original disc's for. If you do not have your operating system disc don't panic we can still reinstall your operating system but you must have product key and the certificate of authenticity label must be affixed to your pc, or in the case of new installations or upgrades in the box.

As part of the service we will reactivate your operating system where applicable and download all available updates.

If you already have antivirus and firewall software we will reinstall, activate and update these for you, if you do not have any security software we can advise on the best solution to suite your needs and supply, install and configure the software for you.

We can also advise on and supply backup software and solutions so you can prevent this from happening again.


Data Transfer

fibre and cat 5e

At AGS Technology Ltd we can transfer your data from your old computer to your new computer including your documents, photos, accounts data, internet favourites, security certificates i.e. (online banking), email message's, address book and account settings (except password you will have to supply this).

We can set-up your new machine so all file locations are identical to your old machine so you will know exactly where all your files are located.

Providing you have all the original disc's and licences for the software you had installed on your old machine we can reinstall this onto your new machine. We will only install this software onto your new machine when we are 100% confident that it has been completely removed from your old machine and that it is not installed on any other computers.

If you are running your computer on a network or have more than one computer linked to a broadband router we can set-up your machine so you can transfer or synchronize data between them quickly and efficiently.


Data and Hardware Removal

fibre and cat 5e

At AGS Technology Ltd we can remove your personal and confidential documents and photos from your old computer before you dispose of it.

We can then pass your machine on Wastechnique a local electronic and electrical waste recycling refurbishment and re-marketing company who we have a very good relationship with. They will erase all data to government standard 5220-22-M and issue you with a certificate.

Where possible they will refurbish your equipment and resell it on to schools and communities who will benefit from high quality I.T equipment for very little outlay. Which in return will give you a small revenue and reduce the volume of high-tech waste that's become such a problem over the past few years.

All these processes performed by Wastechnique fully comply to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Directive (W.E.E.E), and the Hazardous Waste Regulations (H.A.Z.W.A.S).

Wastechnique Operate to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ICER Accreditation so you can be sure of a professional and responsible recycling service.