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Network Hardware

fibre and cat 5e

We Can Supply & Install


Cabled Networks

fibre and cat 5e

The Majority of Networks we install for the SME Sector, Corporate Clients and Educational Institutes are based fixed cable technology, specifically Cat 5e, Cat 6 and fibre optic. Where we have more than one server room on each site we link the server room's together using fibre optic cable enabling the quickest possible link.

The example image to the right showes a series of switches linked to a patch panels with Cat 5e and Cat 6 Cable and all the switches cross linked to each other via fibre optic cable.


Wireless Networks

At AGS Technology Ltd we have perceived a definate trend towards more wireless networks, as a many IT Managers like the idea of being able to extend their network quickly and without to much disruption, clutter and mess.

Although the majority of wireless installations are internaly based, we are also able to expand customers networks by installing external wireless points to securely link existing buildings to new sites (within range).

Below are pictures of an external wireless network we installed in a public school in bath linking the two new buildings (pictured right) to the main school building (pictured left).

wireless external antenna wireless external antenna wireless external antenna

For this installation we used one omni directional antenna fitted to the main building and two directional antennas pointing towards the omni directional antenna mounted on the wall of the main building each antenna is connected to a wireless access point which is connected to the network switch in each building enabling us to connect five class rooms in the first building and five class rooms in the second building to the main network in the main school building. Enabling them to Utilise one Broadband connection, and one central server between the three buildings.

wireless diagramme

Note. Using directional antennas means that the first and second buildings can only communicate with the main building and not with each other however they can store and share data on the central server in the main school building.